When I first started making soaps years ago, I was using Palm Oil in most of my recipes because it is so readily available and very cost-effective. BUT all that changed in 2015 when I learned so much about the palm oil industry and even the "sustainable" palm oil market and I just couldn't be a part of that any more. Yes, it costs more to use replacements such as Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter, but they also add to the luxurious texture of our products. Every time I hear of more rain forest being burned to the ground to allow room for those who want to cash in on the palm oil industry, it saddens me greatly. The beautiful forests, the wonderful animals and humans who have lost their lives over the greed of this commodity. 

The only product I have now that contains a small amout of palm oil derivative is the raw African Black soap base (fair trade from Ghana) that is part of my Enriched African Black soap recipe. I could not make authentic Black Soap without this base, but am hoping that one day they will be able to make it without using any palm oil products.

There is a saying: "When you know better, you can do better". And we should all do our best to do better. :)

When I was a child, there was a poem on the wall in one of my classrooms next the the alphabet letters. It read:

Good, Better, Best

Never let it rest

Try until your good is better

And your better best!

Wishing you a most splendiferous day!

Judy :)