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Splendiferous Handmade Fine Soaps was born from a passion for natural, vegan products and a love of creativity. Even a "plain" soap is so creative in the lather, the texture and the sheer goodness!
In the beginning of my soap making, I really enjoyed making beautiful cupcake soaps, cake slice soaps and more, but I quickly realized that, while people loved looking at them and smelling the delightful aromas, they didn't want to use them because they were "too pretty"! So, while I do occasionally still make the odd cake or cupcake (you may see them listed here!), I focus more on the soaps that people will actually use because that's what's important. The goodness and gentleness of what goes on your skin and nourishes it from the outside-in! 
I'm also so thrilled that my family took such a shine to my passion...even my 10 year old grandson, Zachary, who, when he was 7, advised me that companies needed to have a CEO and he also happened to mention that he was available! How could I resist?! I now have the BEST CEO in the universe!

I hope you enjoy my products and I look forward to making beautiful creations for you and yours!

Judy :)

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